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Gold's Gym Fat to Fit Challenge - 2013

The 2013 Gold’s Gym UAE Fat to Fit challenge comes to a close with Jocelou Tubosa from Al Wahda Mall club taking home the grand prize worth AED 50,000. Jocelou managed to lose 8.6% fat and gained 3kg of muscle in 60 days and also trimmed down her BMI from 32 to 28.4. The challenge which began in November 2013 was open only to Gold’s Gym UAE members for a period of 60 days with a view to propose and maintain a healthy body. January 25th 2014 marked the grand finale for the 2013 Fat to Fit challenge with 30 contenders qualifying for the Circuit Challenge – the final course that was taken into final calculation to determine the overall winner.

Read on Jocelou’s wonderful testimonial and what she had to say about her achievement below:

“My apologies for not expressing my happiness and gratitude in right way earlier because I was overwhelmed by the result achieved.

To lose fat and gain muscles, a combination of proper nutrition & consistent workout mainly cardio & weights are a must. The diet program which I followed included constant influx of protein, minimum processed foods, whole grains, omega 3 and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also limiting the intake of sugar, carbs, fat and white flour in my diet.

I am not promoting an only fruit & vegetable diet nor influencing people to starve till their bodies burn the muscle instead of fat, but ensure to follow a balanced diet with the proper workout.

I would like to Thank the Gold’s Gym management and all Al Wahda team & coaches, for being an amazing influence. The group classes were efficient and really helped me out, the trainers were great and provided me a lot of motivation and inspiration.

I was hesitant about taking the challenge, but now I am really glad I did. I would like to thank Gold’s Gym trainers, for helping me become a better, stronger, and healthier person.”

The 2013 Gold’s Gym UAE Fat to Fit challenge comes to a close. Until we meet again in 2014!

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