Love Will Find a Way - Fred & Gloria Story


Fredy came from Colombia but he’s been living in Sabadell, Spain for 5 years to finish a degree in Universitat de Barcelone. In 2005, Gloria , who also happens to be in Columbia has been trying to find a place to stay in Spain since she is going to take her masters degree in one of Spain’s University- Universitat de Barcelone. During the course of Gloria’s researching, she happened to see an advertisement posted online about a room for rent in Sabadell, Spain which is 25 kilometers far from Barcelone. Little did she know that her help would come from a guy who is also from Columbia, so she sent an email to the person who posted the ad.


Fredy was surprised to see that someone has emailed him regarding his ad. Yes, Fredy was the one who posted the Ad! Talking about fate! Truly with love, anything can happen. Fredy replied to Gloria and told her that his place is quite far from the University and he suggested where she can best find a place to stay. Fredy was able to help her find a place very near the University. At that moment, Fredy showed her kindness to the point of offering to meet her in the airport, which Gloria finds very surprising considering that they haven’t met yet. But in Fredy’s mind he was just trying to be nice.


Gloria landed in Barcelona Airport after a couple of days. Fredy called her to say hello and since then he’s been calling her. They’d talked over the phone for hours and one day, Fredy invited Gloria for a walk in the mountain together with his friends and to also finally see each other. But Gloria finds it too early since they have just gotten to know each other. “C’mon, I’m not a bad guy.” Fredy assured her. But Gloria said no, so he then asked her if she’ll go for a dance with him. Gloria finally agreed.


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On the night of the dance, Gloria was in a rush to dress up, she hurriedly ran and locked the door of her room not realizing that she had left the key of the main door inside her room and she couldn’t go out. She had locked herself in the house. She phoned Fredy about what happened but sad Fredy found the excuse very lame and fake.


Yet, this didn’t stop him from getting to know her more. One day, he asked her to meet her in front of the University and it finally happened. The beautiful friendship grew and fate took its place when Gloria found a job in Sabadell. They went out more often, watch movies, and do stuff together and as time goes by they fell in love with each other. Gloria lived with Fredy.


One day, while at a party, Gloria realized that her hand was so bare and she was telling Fredy that she thinks she should wear her rings (because she has a lot). Fredy, who had hidden a ring for his proposal thought that Gloria found a ring. So he asked her if she did, but Gloria was not aware about what he’s talking about. Fredy let it pass by, until the day came for him to propose. It was a beautiful day. Fate took them to Dubai for some reasons and tie the knot in the Embassy of Spain here in Dubai. They celebrated the romantic occasion with their close friends in a nearby restaurant in front of Jumeirah Beach overlooking the Burl Al Arab and continued the lovely celebration at Meydan Hotel. Truly when love find it’s way, no place or any boundary can put a stop on it.

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