Seychelles - A Wedding Destination Paradise



Ever dreamt of eloping to a far-away, exotic island with the one of your dreams? Sealing your wedding vows under a silky blue sky at the water’s edge…with the trees as your canopies and the colour and scent of nature explode everywhere?


Well, I have been to so many islands with white sands and crystal clear beaches, but nothing beats to experiencing Seychelles. It’s true what most who have been there say…A paradise on earth.


I’m sure you guys can still remember Belinda and Mervyn’s love story and how they tie the knot in Seychelles. My  team and I had the opportunity to travel with them to the beautiful island for their wedding pictorial and ceremony. Belinda’s family came to Seychelles to celebrate the most important day in her life – her wedding.


We tag along with the family and every bit of experience we had was amazing.


Mahe, with an area of 150 square kilometers, is the main and largest of the Seychelles. The couple had a grand time exploring and taking a pose in Mahe, but the team enjoyed more and was awe-struck with how everything in the island corresponded to Mervyn and Belinda’s love story and we can’t help but took a lot of photos during the shoot. The island is surrounded with clear water and white sands, not to mention the beautiful rainforest in the middle of the island. Everywhere we go, there was nothing in our mind but to capture every beautiful creation in front of us…of course that includes Mervyn and Belinda who were most lovely that day. 


The people were very hospitable, kind and friendly. Although most of them are a bit shy and doesn’t smile or talk to you right away, but when you get a close encounter with them by making yourselves comfortable in their presence, they break their “walls” and give you the best hospitality you’ll never forget.


Personally, as a wedding photographer, Seychelles is the one of my top wedding destination to go. It is such a beautiful and romantic place and I would say it’s a “sin” not to capture all that great memories in that beautiful island. Everything is provided for you. Seychelles is not just a holiday destination; it also offer the perfect scenery for a wonderful and unforgettable wedding.


So why Seychelles? Check out the photos and you’ll be convinced to visit this romantic and paradise-like place. 


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Thank you for your time and please keep checking my blog. The photos will soon be available on my wedding gallery.





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