"You've Got A Message" - A Reggie & Haidie Love Story


Here’s the scenario: A lovely lady has just been brokenhearted. She’s a prayerful person and persistently asking God to give her the person for her. Then one day, a friend told her that he’d like her to meet someone… not in person but, only in Facebook. If you were the girl, how would you respond? Would you just brush off your friend’s offer, withdraw yourself from people and succumb to your loneliness? Or would you give it a try, let someone get to know you and be open for a friendship to blossom?


Well, as for Haidie, she opted for the latter. Haidie responded to her friend’s invitation. She accepted Reggie’s FB friends request and they became chat mates. They exchange private messages and spend hours chatting. Two months went by; Haidie tried inviting Reggie to come and visit her in Dubai. To her surprise, Reggie said yes without any hesitation and came to Dubai on the 29th of November 2012.



While in Dubai, Reggie proved Haidie that he meant everything he said and the messages aren’t just messages. He showed Haidie how serious he was. Her honesty, beautiful eyes and her affectionate quality made Reggie fall for her even more. Haidie on the other hand believed that he was God sent and her broken heart was mended when Reggie accepted her flaws and imperfections. And that’s how they became lovers.

They’ve built a love based on trust, honesty and commitment. On their first anniversary together, Reggie send her message of a life long commitment, this time not through facebook, but in person… through a sweet whisper on her ear. He gave her a ring to signify his infinite love.


The couple planned for a garden wedding – their dream wedding.


Who would imagine love stories can happen in a very unusual way? Well, the truth is, nothing is impossible. With love, anything like Haidie and Reggie’s story can happen. 


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