Love is in the Air - Mervyn & Belinda Love Story


Heard enough air travel terrifying stories? Well, you might be heartened to learn that good things too, happen on airplanes…specifically, LOVE. So, sit back, relax and “fastened your seatbelt” as you read on


Mervyn and Belinda are both airline crews of The Emirates Airlines. Their first flight together was on August 2009 going to Perth, Australia. No one knew that, that day will be the beginning of a beautiful love affair. They usually never talk unless in a group conversation. Belinda and the other crew would just tease Mervyn that they’d love to go to Seychelles for holidays. That was just the first conversation they had.


Although it was very rare for two airline crews to fly together almost all the time, but, this is not the case for J Mervyn and Belinda. They were always on the same flight together, not to mention having the same day off too until they became good friends. Mervyn made the first move when he added Belinda on facebook. He would send her sms or call her and they’d talk about anything under the sun for hours!


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Belinda on the other hand discovered something interesting about Mervyn when one day, he joined Belinda on her way to a friend’s house, (since he lives in the same area too). They were offering him to eat but he politely refused only to find out he was fasting for a certain religious activity. Their friendship blossomed during their meet ups. They have gotten to know each other more in their conversations and interest in music and the like.


One day, Mervyn found out that Belinda called in sick for a few days. He called Belinda and asked her if he can take care of her and visit her in her apartment. Mervyn became her Doctor Love that day. He took care of her for straight 3 days, and little did they know that their hearts are getting entwined as they’ve spent those moments together. Mervyn took the courage to ask for his first kiss…courageous man, eh? :p but he got it! Wohoo!


 Their friendship grew stronger even more despite the distance of their residences. They’d take turns going to each other’s apartment to show that they care for each other. Until such time that Belinda has to vacate her apartment for some company reasons and Mervyn offered her the convenience of staying in his apartment because it was more accessible to their workplace. They made their relationship official on the 25th of May, 2010. Mervyn made sure that Belinda would fall head over heels in love with him by his creative surprises --- a big vase with lots of flowers inside Belinda’s room during their flight to San Francisco, Belinda’s fave sandwich on her jumpseat, breakfast in bed, candlelight dinner and a lot more… Who would not fall for this guy? Lucky girl!




The big surprise came during the eve of Christmas 2011. Mervyn forced Belinda to change after her long flight and told her to wear anything blue and white for the theme of a “family photoshoot” which will be held in the beach. Tired Belinda didn’t know that Mervyn connived with her family for his proposal. Belinda’s tiredness was replaced with happy tears when she saw what was written on the sand--- sea stones put together forming the sweetest words every girl would love to hear --- “MARRY ME”. She was more overjoyed when she saw Mervyn kneeling on one knee beside the words written on the sand.


They had all the support from each of their families, especially their Emirates Family who’s been the first to witness the beginning of their love story. Mervyn and Belinda’s civil wedding was held in the beautiful island of Seychelles on March 12, 2012 (Mervyn’s birthday). The two were inseparable and their love for each other grew deeper that they didn’t wait any longer …they asked for God’s blessing on April 30, 2014  in the same place where they first made a commitment and where they will soon settle down – Seychelles.


Indeed, love can happen anywhere. As for these two – they found love in the air.



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