A Contemporary Maternity Shoot - Savio & Aarti



After a difficult journey, Savio & Aarti, finally got the news they were hoping for when they found out they had their miracle baby on the way. Of course they could not be more excited.


They decided to capture the moments of this special time. There were so many fantastic shots from this shoot that what is shown only scratches the surface, so you will definitely want to visit the full gallery, too.


It was a gorgeous day, perfect weather to be by the beach! Savio loves the sound of shore and Aarti is a big fan of the high temps, so they relished every moment behind the lens. The pictures capture their beautiful and precious feelings. “If you aren’t comfortable, your photos will show it.


Eugene is an artist who ensures you are relaxed and lets you take control. He allows you to be yourself and brings out the best in you” Savio & Aarti Fernandes Maternity pictures are a wonderful pregnancy keepsake.​



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Thank you for your time and please keep checking my blog. The photos will soon be available on my wedding gallery.





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