A Love Story - Karl & Dixi



"I have found the one who my soul loves" - Song of Solomon 3:4


Karl and Dixi believe that their love story was a match made in Heaven. Before they met, they were both praying for God to prepare and send them the right person for each other. Little did they know that the Matchmaker up there was cooking something for them and is creating another beautiful love story. It was on the day of their common friend's wedding when their eyes met. At that moment, Karl felt it was already love at first sight. Dixi also felt the same thing,and for her, there are no words to describe it. They both understood the same language. The language that everyone on earth is capable of understanding through their hearts ---the language of love.



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As time went by, Karl and Dixi understood more the meaning of their love for each other. For the couple, whether it is in the middle of the desert or some great city, when two people meet and love each other, time and places become unimportant. With great certainty, they believe that everything that's happening around them has been crafted by one hand only , a hand that evokes love and creates a soulmate for every person , and that is God's hand.





They both decided to tie the knot, and while they were searching online for a videographer and wedding photographer in Dubai, they found Eugene's team. The chapters of their love story has been captured through the photos shown. A document of two lives with meaning and purpose, because they have "found the one whom their souls love" --they have found each other.





Thank you for your time and please keep checking my blog. The photos will soon be available on my wedding gallery.





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