The Beauty of a Maternity Shoot



In an industry saturated with processing techniques and emphasis on style instead of substance. Capturing the beauty in a Maternity photoshoot is one experience a photographer like me will never forget. It is refreshing to behold and a mother who bears an angel in her womb is a true epitome of beauty… Truly a substance when it comes to photography.


There is nothing more amazing, than to witness a woman at her best – in her pregnancy. The sight of an expecting mom and an excited dad is truly worth a memory to keep. Most women would want to be captured when they feel good about themselves or when they feel they are sexy and beautiful, but there is just something extraordinary in a woman with a “swelling” tummy. J Because you know that in a couple of days or months, the mother who is pregnant would experience an intense pain… and yet she’s going to give birth to a beautiful creation – and this is reality. Reality is always extraordinary.


It stirs me to know that I am not only capturing a beautiful pregnant woman but also a life inside her. Every turn she makes as I capture a beautiful image is a reflection of life. A joy after pain, and a wonderful reflection of life all captured in a photoshoot.


The memory of childbirth quickly fades, so I believe, capturing every moment in a maternity shoot is worth it. It helps you remember how valuable life is after the pain you experience in giving birth. It is a miracle to keep.

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