Love... When Least Expected - Derick & Rain Story



The truth about love most of the time is that, it happens when you least expect it ...and it happens to people you'll least expect to fall in love with.


Rain lives a happy single life with her best friend in Dubai. But everything  became interesting and more exciting when her best friend's brother came to Dubai last October 2012. Rain was with her best friend in the airport when the brother arrived. Derick was new in Dubai and is still adjusting to his new life after their mother passed away. He seemed to be the "protective" brother every time Rain, her best friend, and the rest of their friends would gather for a movie night or dinner. These occasions gave them more opportunities to get to know each other better. They would talk about life and enjoyed each other's company. Her friends would single them out and tease them, but they'd just respond and say the most common phrase "we're just friends". Rain have high respect for Derick not only because he is the brother of her best friend, but also because she is seeing someone at that time. Rain enjoyed her single life, while Derick was still recovering from the loss of his Mom.


 But as time goes by, and the more they get the chance to be together, the more they are beginning to like each other. One time, Rain's friends from Saudi and Abu Dhabi came over for a holiday. She invited Derick to join them in their adventure. They had dinner, went for a desert safari and clubbing and tried the dhow cruise. They enjoyed every single moment they were together. Their friendship grew even more when Rain had her local leave in December of 2012. Derick accompanied Rain in each church service called "simbang gabi". They went out several times and became officially together in May 2013, and both committed to take things slowly. But, it was a different story for Derick when he asked Rain to marry him a month after. It was hard in the beginning for Rain to believe that it would be that soon and that Derick wasn't joking at all. They both thought that they were just in the phase of "just starting it", only to find themselves applying for a marriage license in the Philippine Embassy and made a vow last February of 2014.


What started as "her" being the best friend and "him" being the brother of the best friend has blossomed into a husband and wife relationship. And until now they still fall in love with each other more.


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