Love at Montgomerie


Today, I want to share a beautiful engagement session that we did for Hadeel & Amir!
This is a referral work from another “Dubai Wedding Photographer” – Eduard Daling that is also a good friend of mine. Ed & I already shoot numerous engagement and weddings together that make us a very good shooting buddy.
This is the first time that I shoot at The Address Montgomerie. Supposedly, I will only shoot the actual engagement party and Ed will shoot the portrait session as I already have a prior commitment. Since, my meeting was finished a lot earlier than I expected, I headed to the location straight away so I can still join Ed in the portrait session. 

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When I arrived, the beautiful scenery that I saw captivated me. Definitely it is a perfect location for engagement photo session and weddings… And that gets me really excited. I saw Ed as I entered the hotel lobby. He is still waiting for Hadeel & Amir to come.


So we sat for few more minutes to discuss and plan the shoot. When the couple arrives, Ed just briefly introduced me to the couple as this is our first meeting. After the introduction, we immediately went to the golf course to start shooting. We started in the area where there is a hill with the view of Dubai Marina Skyline. When we asked the couple to stand on the hill and start posing, I knew straight away that it will be a very good session and it would be easy working with them. We move from one location to another and there’s nothing we asked the couple that they wouldn’t do. They are so game and so much fun to work with.



I find it easy to take amazing photos with people that are so in love. They way they look at each other and the way they smile is the main key for the wonderful photos we had on this session. I’ve never noticed how quickly the time went from the time I arrived to the time that the event is over. It is a tiring day under the sun and running here and there while shooting but at the end of the day, I went home with a smile on my face knowing that we’ve made the couple and their family happy and our photos will tell another love story in time.



Thank you for your time and please keep checking my blog. The photos will soon be available on my wedding gallery.




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