Eugene Santos - Dubai Based Photographer.

 Eugene Santos is a dynamic and highly sociable person. He enjoys going out to see different things and meet new people. He loves sports and has an ultimate passion for photography. Eugene never had any inclination for photography until he moved to UAE in 2006. He had the opportunity to see the beauty of the city and the vastness of its landscape that has become his inspiration to get into photography. Subsequently, while his interest in photography continues to progress and develop, he met Michael Cruz that has become not only his friend but also a shooting buddy and a mentor.


Then in 2009, Eugene had the chance to explore more about photography. He became the official photographer of the UAE Tennis Association – Tennis Emirates (TE) as a part of his role as a marketing administrator covering the UAE National Ranking Tournaments. Everything did not happen by chances. Eugene invested time, money and effort to grow in his newfound passion. He attended numerous workshops and seminars, read a diverse photography books and magazine to extend his knowledge and continue to strengthen his skills. During this time, he also had the opportunity to cover some of the most renowned tennis tournaments in UAE such as Mubadala World Tennis Championship and Dubai Open. Almost all of his work was used in TE web galleries while some were published in local newspapers and other printed publications.


Given with all these achievements, Eugene took the courage to bring his passion to a higher level. In March of 2012, he then left his job and pursued a career in photography. On the same month, Eugene met David Strongman (a Canadian photographer who started a photography business in Dubai). Strongman introduced him to studio portraiture and took him as his co-photographer. Strongman loved the quality of Eugene's work and he taught him a lot about studio lighting and strobes. Eugene had the opportunity to work with different corporate and family portraits during this and even some commercial work. These privileges gave Eugene the venue to grow in studio portraiture and lighting.


2013 has been a great year for Eugene in the field of photography. He had the opportunity to shoot events, corporate portraits and interiors for some distinct international brands such as HSBC, The Ritz Carlton & Gold's Gym. All these, not to mention the numerous local UAE brands that trusted and took him to work on their projects. As months went on, Eugene also ventured into engagement and wedding photography and had many love stories captured from different couples in Dubai. Although He has not left corporate projects, he can't deny his love in wedding photography despite the fact that it requires longer hours of work. Eugene enjoys witnessing the love of two people and the adrenaline he gets from taking photos these photos.


Enjoy browsing this site and get to know Eugene and his photography better. 

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